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FPIW Action has issued an endorsement for Loren Culp for Governor.

Loren Culp, a former police chief from Republic, Washington, is a natural fit for the governor’s mansion given the stark divide in our state between order and chaos, and the plethora of outstanding problems that Governor Inslee has refuse to act upon or has acted upon incompetently.

While Culp has little experience being part of the political establishment, that may be his greatest strength as he brings a fresh, honest, and independent perspective to both policy and politics. Many others have noticed this; large crowds follow him as he crisscrosses the state, campaigning after a surprise primary win over several establishment-backed Republicans.

He faces Governor Jay Inslee, an affable but ineffective leader who has faced some unprecedented challenges during the last year of his second term as governor. While he was quick to act on the uncertainties prevented by COVID-19 early in the pandemic, his Administration has been sidetracked in the recovery by a clear obsession with ignoring the crimes and disasters being caused by incompetent local governments (such as Seattle) and the radical Democratic base who have lost their mind and morality.

Unfortunately, Governor Inslee seems more interested in a cabinet appointment to a potential Harris-Biden Administration in D.C. than he does addressing the very pressing and abundant issues here in Washington State.

While Washingtonians suffer the fate of an economy stifled by some of the slowest reopening procedures in the nation, and unmitigated chaos and violence in the streets, Inslee’s administration has been busy blaming President Trump for the consequences of his failed progressive policies. While both Washington State’s cities and countryside burn and more people have lost their homes and livelihoods, Inslee has continued to fixate on climate change and head-in-the-sand political posturing.

Meanwhile, here’s what Governor Inslee has done: He has championed the state’s new bigoted and sexually immoral comprehensive SeXXX education mandate, slapped churches with discriminatory capacity restrictions, sanctioned abortion as an essential service, allowed destructive and radical policies to be championed in local cities and within the Democratic Party, and continued to demonstrate his desire to have Washington exceed California and Oregon as the most radical place to live and work in our country.

On the other hand, Chief Culp appears by all measures to be a rational, compassionate conservative Christian who aligns with FPIW Action’s core values and principles. His commitment to life, liberty, religious freedom, and law and order offers all Washingtonians an alternative to the radical, distracted, and out-of-touch agenda being pushed by Governor Inslee and his inept administration.

We are heartened that Chief Culp has committed to listen to, rather than marginalize and persecute, Christians and other discriminated religious believers as he governs our state. He supports ALL of our constitutional rights – starting with the First Amendment.

We cannot afford to ignore the issues of government incompetence, drug addiction, homelessness, dysfunctional human services systems, abortion genocide, failing families, petty and violent crimes, and the lack of law and order any longer. Washington needs a strong leader who will focus on the problems here at home instead of the ones needed to get him a cabinet position.

The constitutional freedoms and Christian virtues Culp advocates for would benefit all Washingtonians – not just the few radical elites and unhinged radicals that Inslee has allowed to dominate the Democratic Party and populate government institutions.

FPIW Action strongly recommends a vote for Loren Culp for Washington Governor on November 3rd.