Urgent Action Alert from FPIW


We have identified yet another bill which would be greatly destructive to the family, religious freedom, and parental rights of all people in Washington. It is a direct assault by Abortion, LGBTQ, and anti-Christian activists on Christian beliefs and norms by criminalizing Christian beliefs. We’re sending out this high-alert email because we know you’ll want to know about it, so that you can contact Olympia to oppose it.

This proposed law, House Bill 1901 (see page 10) directedly attacks Christian beliefs on abortion, sex, and parenting by, redefining ‘domestic violence’ for the purposes of civil protection orders to now also include expressing words as coercion and domestic violence. 

Yes, words are now considered violence with this bill and one could face serious consequences, including no contact with child (or spouse) for a year, banned from one’s home, and confiscation of firearms.  The standards and proof needed to get a judge to issue a protective order has been greatly lowered to almost nonexistent standards.

HB 1901 criminalizes a parent’s right to influence or express one’s Christian beliefs to one’s spouse and children on gender identity, sexual activity, abortion, and gender transition treatments. You will now  be considered domestic violence abuser, thus subject to a court civil protection order.

Like the recent CA Family Court decision where a father was banned from contact with his child for not agreeing with his son’s gender transition treatment, this bill now considers words of disagreement immoral and objection to deadly gender transition treatment,  “violence.”

A parent can also be guilty of domestic abuse, and separated from their child, if they repeatedly deny their child permission to participate in school extra-curricular activities that the parents deem inappropriate for their children.

In addition, activities such as monitoring one’s spouse’s financial activity, movements, and communications, would now be considered domestic violence. Also, regular marital or parenting verbal and emotional conflicts and behaviors, such as arguing, yelling, nagging, harsh words, pleading, and influencing that cause “emotional harm” would now also be considered domestic violence subject to drastic penalties without due process or any real standards of evidence.

This bill passed the Senate Committee on Law & Justice and will now be heard in the Senate Ways & Means Committee on Saturday, Feb. 26.  We only have a few opportunities to prevent this from becoming law!

Please let you voice be heard in opposition to the terrible proposed law, by clicking here to register Position: ‘Con’, then fill your information into the template.  It will be sent to all the members of the Senate Ways & Means Committee. For a more substantial impact, submit a written testimony against the bill to the Ways & Means Committe by clicking here.

Additionally, you could email or call member of the Senate Ways & Means Committee TODAY (2/26):

[email protected]       (360) 786-7644
[email protected]             (360) 786-7690
[email protected]         (360) 786-7674
[email protected]            (360) 786-7632
[email protected]           (360) 786-7614
[email protected]        (360) 786-7620
[email protected]          (360) 786-7684
[email protected]                 (360) 786-7604
[email protected]               (360) 786-7638
[email protected]         (360) 786-7670
[email protected]          (360) 786-7656
[email protected]        (360) 786-7672
[email protected]             (360) 786-7648
[email protected]        (360) 786-7616
[email protected]                 (360) 786-7642
[email protected]            (360) 786-7664
[email protected]              (360) 786-7608
[email protected]             (360) 786-7618
[email protected]       (360) 786-7628
[email protected]                (360) 786-7634
[email protected]   (360) 786-7646
[email protected]          (360) 786-7676
[email protected]             (360) 786-7624
[email protected]             (360) 786-7641

We will continue to inform you on the other opportunity to defeat this bill in our next Mobilization Monday email.  We need a loud voice generated by many people voicing their opposition, because this bill has sailed through thus far.

Mark Miloscia
Executive Director, FPIW